Last year, Tom Holland revealed the newest Spidey suit during a surprise visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! When Spider-Man comes to Marvel’s Avengers, seeing this outfit accompany him would be a nice surprise. Both suits would be a great fit for Marvel’s Avengers, giving Spidey some more unique attire to fight in. Going off of first glance, the suit certainly feels like a mishmash between Spider-Man’s normal attire and his Future Foundation set. With Spider-Man 2099 set to show up on the big screen in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse 2, getting his suit inside the game sooner rather than later would be nice. Before you start, you should update your game to the most recent edition and begin every DLC episode if you have them. Seeing the sleek black and red suit as an alternate costume would be terrific, and if Crystal Dynamics wanted to go the extra mile, adding in an alternate voice that plays whenever the look is equipped could make the DLC even better. Covering the bottom half in black and the top half in red, the look is perfected with some pitch black eyes – a great contrast to the usual white eyes of the webslinger.

While the proper Ben Reilly suit is a great Spider-Man design, the clone’s Scarlet Spider costume remains his most memorable look. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 fans have been suggesting suits for the sequel since before it was announced, and there have been some great ideas thus far. While no gameplay advantage would likely be seen if the skin came to Marvel’s Avengers, spiderman cosplay it would serve as a must-have addition for fans of the webhead. While the Iron Spider’s origins were tied to the Civil War event in the comics, seeing Stark make the suit as a gift for his teammate would be a perfectly fine explanation. While Peter Parker is believed to be the version of the hero Crystal Dynamics will add to Marvel’s Avengers, seeing Miles Morales’ costume get some love would be a solid compromise. With possible variants seeing the suit with and without the hood, giving this underrated costume time in the spotlight would be terrific. With a possible variant that includes the hat and trench coat of Noir, this would be a standout addition to the game. Over the years, Spidey has received some awesome alternate costumes as well, and Marvel’s Avengers could benefit from including some of these skins in the game.

Unfortunately, Spider-Man does not have its own built-in suit customizer, so all these works are mere concept arts, but fans are hopeful that the sequel will add a suit creator/customizer to give fans more options to build their own costumes in the game and personalize their favorite superhero in their own way. In the official teaser trailer of No Way Home, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin cackle is heard from off-screen, and a famous Halloween bomb of his roles into the frame while Spider-Man encounters villains on a New York freeway. Tom Holland’s current Spider-Man run is coming to a close in December with Spider-Man: No Way Home, with it being the sixth and final film in his Disney-Sony contract. Jamie Foxx stars as villain Max Dillon/Electro while Dane DeHaan plays Harry Osborn / Green Goblin in the film. For Sheppard, the biggest challenge was constructing a costume that looked high-tech, while still being comfortable for Holland. While there is plenty to love about the friendly neighborhood hero, one of the biggest reasons that Spider-Man has become as iconic as he has is his signature costume. The two are confronted by Natasha Romanoff, but she can’t bring herself to take them down and allows them to leave in Stark’s Quinjet, while the rest of the Avengers are captured.

While his powers are fun and Peter Parker has always succeeded at being a lovable everyman, the eyes, webbing, and symbol have truly defined who the hero is. The Ultimate Marvel universe introduced a new younger version of Peter Parker who became Spider-Man in modern times, though his death led to the debut of a new hero under the mask named Miles Morales. The white emblem makes up the upper torso part of the suit and looks impressive as the red mask and shoulders emerge from it. Tom Holland’s take on Spidey has seen the young Peter Parker rocking several different looks, ranging from the Scarlet Spider-like homemade suit to the new black and red suit. Arguably the most iconic Spider-Man costume outside of the classic red and blue design, the Symbiote suit is usually associated with a darker Peter Parker. The heroes of the Spider-Verse are no strangers to variations on the classic Spider-Man costume. For the original costume design of Spider-Man for the Noir universe, the original costume design was a red and blue costume similar to the original mainstream’s Classic Costume. McKelvie’s design sheet for the costume can be found in the Tweet embedded below. The original suit sees an entirely blue costume with a red symbol, eyes, and spikes on the arms.