These issues will coincide with “Fear State,” a horror-themed event that begins in August and spills into multiple books throughout the Batman line. This week’s DC Nation shorts: Atom’s pulpy adventure continues while a New Teen Titans short finds Robin and Cyborg arguing over the TV, then deciding to use a piece of duct tape to put a dividing line through everything. The season finale of the Second Season of DC’s Titans TV series will premier on the DC streaming app next Friday, November 29. Today DC released a video featuring interviews from various people behind the scenes of the show including the costume department for the series which came with a few easter eggs. Best (kryptonian) nightwing & flamebird costume? In this episode, we bump into Nightwing and Harley Quinn as they take a night off from fighting. Sorry for the bump but for those of you who’ve already beaten the game are you disappointed there is no free roam for ally characters? Then, there are mostly fun suits like Anime Batman and Zur En Arrh Batman skin, just to name a few of the iconic suits in the game. The Bodega Cat suit can count too, but that’s more iconic for the game and the cat’s quest than it is Miles himself.

Wings of Fire Moon Book Week Costume - Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog For Miles Morales, the only two suits that hit that iconic vibe are the Into the Spider-Verse suit, which was a must, and the Animated Suit. In contrast, Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ suit selection, which comes in at 19, could use more finesse. I do believe you should get more yarn than you think you need because then you’ll have the perfect excuse to make matching Nightwing finger-stripe gloves. Thanks to all of this articulation, Nightwing has a wide range of motion and can be posed in an extensive number of action poses for display. When you look at this figure’s nearly flawless design, combined with exceptional articulation, you end up with what is easily one of the best Nightwing figures released to date. Shown in the background are various characters concept costume artworks – one of these images features Curran Walters, who plays Jason Todd, in a Nightwing costume. Nightwing Costume Idea by neuronboy42 on DeviantArt. I do however, think it would be a good idea to look for copies of the first time Jason Todd wears the Nightwing outfit – as it looks like that is what the DC Titans show is going to introduce us to.

The season two finale of Titans debuts Friday, November 29, exclusively on DC Universe. Since I’ve been doing Season 6 Titan pictures with new costumes, I thought I’d make one where Starfire is wearing an outfit similar to her slutty Perez comic outfit. With the new ‘Arkham’ line, this looks to have changed entirely, as Nightwing is one of the best articulated figures to grace the shelves in recent memory from this team. This mod looks to combine the original base game’s version of The Penguin with that of the recent TV series Gotham, swapping out the black coat with the purple one seen in the show. As a rule, we construct our own test hardware to assess items and test them against one another. If you don’t have a Nightwing figure yet (or could use another one!), be sure to pick up the ‘Arkham Knight’ Nightwing from DC Collectibles!

We have Red Hood, Red Robin, let’s keep Nightwing in Blue (I ask) as we already have enough ‘Red’. For Batman alone, Batman: Arkham Knight has 20 costumes to choose from, while Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman only have a handful per. After his parents were murdered Grayson went through extensive training in martial arts and crimefighting to become the original Robin, Batman’s sidekick. Batman’s eyes have been replaced with red dots as well, giving him a much more sinister look overall. This is pretty much all we have on Batman Arkham Knight unlockable costumes. Between the two franchises, though, Batman: Arkham Knight is the clear winner in terms of suit selection. It requires a 240% clear rate on the game, which means beating New Game, New Game Plus, and all DLC stories to 100%, so the Pristine suit is a showcase of accomplishment. Other than that, though, the game sounds like one of the more exciting MMOs coming up in the next couple of years. Bane is one of Batman’s greatest foes, which is saying something. If you buy something through one of these links, we may earn an affiliate commission.