With Marvels Spider-Man 2 Gameplay being revealed at the Playstation Showcase on May 24th, I made a video where I added 11+ new spider-man suits to marvels spider-man pc and they’re literally perfect. All of these suits have been made by an amazing modder called AgroFro, Agro has added 18 suits from September 2022, until the latest mod of his was added on the 15th of May 2023 which was 3 days ago from the time of this video.

The suits featured in this video are as follows:
Photoreal Panoptico, Photoreal Raimi 2002 Remastered, Photoreal Spider-Man Lotus Suit, Photoreal Wens Suit, MTV Animated Spider-Man Suit, 90’s Animated Spider-Man Photoreal Suit, TASM1 Photoreal Suit, Photoreal TASM2 Suit, Photorealistic Amazing Fantasy Suit, Photorealistic Raimi Ross Suit, Photorealistic Universal Studios Suit, Photorealistic Raimi Symbiote Suit and Raimi Suits.

All Suits are by AgroFro

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