Creative Brain Storm Perhaps it was because most were unlocked via tokens found in Spider-Man’s open world, perhaps it was the reliance on other iterations of the character like their MCU counterparts, or perhaps it was due to the limits of the game itself, but the suits in Spider-Man and Spider-Man: Miles Morales don’t hit the same notes, at least as often. In contrast, Spider-Man: Miles Morales’ suit selection, which comes in at 19, could use more finesse. For Miles Morales, the only two suits that hit that iconic vibe are the Into the Spider-Verse suit, which was a must, and the Animated Suit. None hit the same marks as Batman, and that’s not because Spider-Man isn’t able. The code of rules, the superhero landing, and more all important superhero’s identity, but to steal from Invincible, everyone wants a suit to be “iconic.” Both Batman: Arkham Knight and the Spider-Man games are filled with iconic suits, but Batman stands out as the unsung hero of suit selection. Combined with the wide variety approach to “iconic” is how these are unlocked in a multitude of ways, not always as paid DLC (but certainly, in some cases), and it elevates how Arkham Knight utilizes its suits.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will release eventually, and if there’s anything that Spider-Man could learn from Batman: Arkham, it’s making the suits count, not counting the suits. Of these, the most iconic are Spider-Man’s Advanced Suit (which symbolize the game in and of itself), the Stark and Iron Spider suits (because of the MCU movies), the Spider-Man 2099 suit (though as a reference to Miguel O’Hara, not Peter), and the vintage comic suit. On the other end is Insomniac’s first Spider-Man game, which has a whopping total of 38 suits counting DLC. It requires a 240% clear rate on the game, which means beating New Game, New Game Plus, and all DLC stories to 100%, so the Pristine suit is a showcase of accomplishment. Right now, the two most iconic video game franchises of said genre are the Batman: Arkham games, which saw its last full release in 2015, and the ongoing Spider-Man games from Insomniac. In some ways, Batman continues to wear the crown, but Spider-Man has nailed other aspects it didn’t. This Batman Arkham Knight Scott Porter Black Jacket is an ideal attire you can wear for a high-end stylish look.

For Batman alone, Batman: Arkham Knight has 20 costumes to choose from, while Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman only have a handful per. Costumes so far include: Batgirl (barbara gordon), Nightwing, Steph! 86, by Tom Taylor and Robbi Rodriguez, this issue kicks off with Nightwing, Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl, and Red Robin, shocked and horrified as Oracle’s home base, The Clock Tower, explodes in a giant display of fire and flame. Thanks to all of this articulation, Nightwing has a wide range of motion and can be posed in an extensive number of action poses for display. When you look at this figure’s nearly flawless design, combined with exceptional articulation, you end up with what is easily one of the best Nightwing figures released to date. Especially when you look at him against some of the previous Nightwing figures in the ‘Arkham’ lines from previous games, this one truly blows the rest away to give us a definitely great Nightwing for our collections. Hey everyone, this is my custom (homemade) Nightwing suit thread thing. One thing that really stands out about this figure is just how completely it brings the Nightwing character to life in plastic form.

3D base character Fans are particularly critical of how the Joker is portrayed in media, as the character has come a long way from the earlier depictions as well. Superhero video games are a genre unto themselves, complete with certain expectations, rules, and mechanics. This may not sound like the most suits a superhero game could have, and it’s not. Indeed, the same could be said of any superhero game on currently out or on the horizon too, whether that’s Marvel’s Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Gotham Knights, or Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League. GCPD Lockdown (Later in Sept.): Set after the events of Arkham Knight, play as Nightwing to stop the Penguin from breaking out of the Gotham City Police Department in this thrilling story pack. Check out this Batman: Gotham Knight Nightwing Cosplay Costume and start saving big today! Today’s Arkham Knight update also adds two new Arkham Episodes: Catwoman’s Revenge and Flip of a Coin.