Your kid mostly loves super heroes for their super powers. Brock leaves by telling her that “they” remembers why Peter loves her. Having proven his worth to the city of New York (well, to everyone other than Daily Bugle editor J. Jonah Jameson), Spider-Man now has a great relationship with the NYPD – particularly with police captain Yuri Watanabe, who regularly calls Spidey for help, leading to some particularly amusing banter where Peter affects a grizzled voice and refers to himself as “Spider-Cop” – much to Yuri’s chagrin. The relationship between Yuri and Spidey makes itself clear right from the game’s opening mission, amazing spider man suit which sees ol’ web-head called in to infiltrate a building that’s been taken over by Wilson Fisk (a.k.a. Moving through the building in the opening level, it becomes clear that Batman’s influence doesn’t stop at Spider-Man’s combat – as you make your way through several of the building’s floors, you’ll web shoot webs to reach higher levels, crawl through vents, use a “spider sense” view to spot enemies through walls and stealthily clear heavily guarded areas by snatching baddies from above.

Crucially, every one of these mechanics feels completely natural and appropriate to Spider-Man’s abilities, so you probably won’t spend too much time worrying about any similarities to Rocksteady Studios’ winning Arkham formula. The fact that these missions are mostly inconsequential makes them a perfect way to extend your time in the game’s world once the story mode has been capped off. If you don’t happen to complete every event and challenge on your map by the end of the game’s story mode, you’ll be able to return to the city and tackle them at your own leisure. Now, Spider-Man must face his greatest challenge yet, and in doing so, will eventually come face to face with a number of familiar characters (without going into specifics about boss battles, you can expect to take on multiple villains simultaneously). While we’ve seen the Spider-Man of the 2099 universe, Miles has never been to that alternate reality.

Aside from holding down a real job as a scientist (you might be surprised by who his boss is), he also helps his dear Aunt May out with her duties working for a charitable organization run by Martin Li (if you’ve seen the game’s trailers or follow the comics, you’ll know Li by his villainous alter ego, Mister Negative). Madame Web appears and tells him to expect the unexpected and that he himself may have to make such a sacrifice as Eddie made. Now think of a cheap unlicensed knock-off of the same figure, with clumsy accents added to make it look pointlessly distinct while degrading the overall design in the name of reducing production costs. However, in the hurry it left behind its spawn which bounded with Kasady to make Carnage. In the costume eventually used for the film, however, it all clicks. The real star of the show, however, is the island of Manhattan, which looks absolutely glorious in Spider-Man. Made of metallic liquid nano-technology, the advanced armor is capable of absorbing all damages, which renders Spider-Man completely impervious to harm in the critically-acclaimed video game Marvel’s Spider-Man. Though its graphical style is not quite aiming for the photorealism of Horizon: Zero Dawn or God of War, Spider-Man is a sensational looking game (spectacular, even).

Spider-Man in his cloth black costume vs. Thankfully, each unlocked suit power can be applied to the other suits in your arsenal, so you won’t be burdened with wearing a costume you don’t like in order to use its accompanying power. The costumes also come with their own unique suit power. Luckily, they can be upgraded, allowing for more uses and additional power. In true sandbox fashion, you can approach Spider-Man’s cinematic story missions at your own pace, allowing you to complete different types of challenges in order to earn Tokens, which can be used to unlock and craft new suits, gadgets and upgrades. To name one example, the game’s signature white spider-sporting Advanced Suit temporarily grants the player unlimited focus, allowing Spidey to go on a takedown rampage. Keeping combos going will also build up a focus meter, which you can eventually use to pull off some flashy takedown moves or replenish your health bar. Visor Mod: Reclaimer: Replenishes 1 gadget ammo when performing a melee Stealth Takedown on an enemy. Metabolic Converter: A good alternative if you need one, the Metabolic Converter gets you some gadget refills when you’re taking damage, in case you’re low on charges and Focus.