With each design, Peter had even updated the suit’s design; such as slightly changing the spider emblems on the front and back. Spider Button: Octavius has also turned the spider symbol on his chest into a button that can be used to activate traps for his enemies. Carbonadium: Octavius had added some carbonadium plating on the back of the mask to protect him from any potential mind-swap. Web Wings: Peter added web wings to the suit, likely to help it glide more accurately. Doctor Octopus would later create a replica of the second version of the suit, reclaiming his alias as the Superior Spider-Man. Many weeks of painstaking work goes into the making this suit, and the quality cannot be ignored. It’s a minor step up from the far better-looking Mk II, and as such, we feel no need to subject ourselves to its ugliness. Whether it be a beanie and shades, some goggles, or a red long-sleeved shirt, it’s always funny to see the first attempts at a super suit that each of the three Peter Parkers donned before they got it right with the iconic Spandex combo.

Red and blue were the primary colors of Spider-Man’s costume, but Octavius had redesigned it; the primary colors are now red and black. Now you can see three others, any of which would have contributed to a film with a very different feel. Why have only one variant of the 2099 design when we can also have the eye-straining original? In one of the many alternate universe storylines in the comics, Spider-Man actually appears not in modern times but back during the Great Depression. The character has also had a lot of different costumes over the years, some of which were pretty great and others of which weren’t so great. Over the years, the different tales may vary in quality, but this basic costume design remains almost unbearably unappealing. Your mileage may vary, but after carefully taking each version of Peter Parker’s gear into consideration, we have identified the good, the bad and the ugly.

Some may think this is blasphemy, but out of all the homespun versions of Peter Parker’s original attempt to make a Spider-Man outfit, the one from Spider-Man: Homecoming is truly the most unappealing of all, looking more like something Aunt May would sew in her final days at a nursing home. Make it go away! This concept art isn’t too far off from what fans got, but at least they got rid of that popped collar and sunglasses. Garfield’s homemade outfit was a very far cry from his actual suit and did not have any recognizable Spider-Man elements. Andrew Garfield was chosen to wear the suit with Marc Webb directing. The web-shooters on Andrew Garfield’s costume from 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man are even less noticeable, but what really sticks out about the ensemble visually are his yellow eye-lenses. I also wanted to showcase his early costume design! In preparation for his fight against Agent-Venom, Spider-Man swapped out the old design for an upgrade specifically tailored to combating the Symbiote. Created by Miguel O’Hara to fight against the Alchemax Corporation. Fortunately for fans, this is not the only suit that Mosheeno has created recently.

Casual Autum Mens Urban Fashion Miguel had created this suit using Unstable Molecule fabric, so it wouldn’t get ripped during the celebration as it can get “pretty wild” over there. There are those that look really cool but add literally nothing to the power column. There’s nothing wrong with the look here, but it’s pretty unexciting. Yes, it can be a very useful feature to take out baddies with mana-style “Spirt Fire” attacks, but tt feels like an entirely different personality that has nothing to do with ol’ Webhead, even if this did first appear in the comics. And yes, he wears briefs with a pattern of his own head! The red and blue (originally black) color pattern helps his image pop off the printed comic book page or the big screen. A Spiderman costume can be made with any type of red clothes. Cool, right? Except that the power can be reciprocal against you, too. The power? Bullets bounce off and fly back at shooters– except for snipers.