What if Tobey Maguire voiced Insomniac Games Spider-Man?
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Mods used in video:

Photoreal Raimi Spider-Man 2 Suit –

No Way Home Suit –

Raimiverse Mod –

Raimi Resolute –

Brawler Combat –

0:00 Intro
0:18 Prologue
2:15 Attack on Fisk Tower
3:54 Server Room
5:31 The Bomb Squad
6:44 Crooked Cops
7:50 Fisk Boss Fight
11:09 Fisk’s incarceration
11:45 Otto’s Lab
13:44 Yuri’s Problem
16:18 Bully-Cop
19:22 Time for…
20:39 A New Suit
21:15 Outro

Bully Maguire Theme Cover –
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